March 15, 2014

to be honest...

foreign landscape gold peak 

To be honest, I have been absent from the blog world because I wasn't interested in it anymore. Of course, I still visit some blogs that I like but I don't comment. The main reason is a lack of time, but also, I feel I have nothing interesting to say. 

I decided to start posting again here mainly to have a place to publish my work. I don't expect anything from it. I do it for myself. 

Since I started this blog I met very nice people and I feel I owe them an explanation on why they don't hear from me anymore. I hope is well with everyone of them.

March 8, 2014

february landcape...

february landscape 
Well hello! It's been a while I know!
Some time ago, I started to fill my note books and then started to paint on a regular basis again. I really enjoy the process. I've put this one in my store.

July 27, 2013



New computer. Tech on vacation. Waiting to get Photoshop.