May 7, 2010


Hi there! I'm back. I had such a crazy week! I'm still stunned, wondering what happened. I finished a big gig Wednesday night. An award show for the multimedia scene here. One of my clients was producing the show. We created all the multimedia visuals and prints, which I must say were pretty gorgeous and clever, managed the entire show, including two hosts, 37 finalists and 12 winners, and we put the whole thing on air which was the stressful part. I'm still sweating. While I was working on this full time, I also had to write yet another pitch, for myself this time, not for a client. I'll tell you more when I know how it turns out.

I'm so happy the weekend is here! I have lot of catch up to do on the blogging front. Will visit you soon.

Some of you asked me were I took the photo from my previous post. Well it's a very old shoeshine store in my neighborhood. The man who owns it also cleans men hats. I'm very found of this place. One of the very few old trade shop remaining here.

Speaking of photo, Tim found a very funky way to make macro photography with a 18-200mm lens (second photo here). But I promised to keep the secret though ;)

Beautiful work by Roseau - via doodlers anonymous.


Deleilan said...

Welcome back! It certainly sounds like you pulled off quite a performance on that award show! Hope you'll get some rest this (rainy) weekend.

Line said...

contente de te revoir et profite de ce week end!!!!!

Robert Marleau said...

Je serais bien curieux de connaître ce ''funky way'' de faire de la macro!

Valerie said...

i can hear you fully statisfied and that's what i enjoy the most

oops le raisin est un peu déshydraté ?!