May 17, 2010

more back alleys...

More photos of my alleys walks. The t-shirt on the clothesline is from our home hockey team. It's playoffs time here and people get pretty crazy about it. I fell in love with that guy sleeping on the long chair, wishing it was me there. The last photos are from the market down the street. It's so nice to see all those colors after such a grey winter.

So far, my week should be as quiet as the last one. Looking forward to start some personal projects.

Wishing you a very good one!

Lovely work by Angie Lewin - via The beat that my heart skipped


Line said...

les ruelles de Mtl se font belles au printemps, tiens j'ai une soudaine envie d'y aller,

bonne semaine!!

jane said...

love the colors! i´ve missed your corner. sending you a big hug hello!

Kerry Hawkins said...

I really enjoy this set of photos. very colorful and unusual. I wish I was that guy hanging out, too