May 25, 2010


I had such a lovely quiet 3 days weekend. Planted herbs in pots for the balcony, visited my sister, watched the very cute movie Séraphine about the painter Séraphine Louis de Senlis (and here) and the last episode of Lost - I should have known it was the dog dreaming! - and that's about it. Oh yeah, we also spent some time trying to repair the espresso coffee machine but it didn't work :( On the other hand, I gained some counter space which is good! And I realize that my little coffee maker makes as good coffee as the big one I had. So I'm sticking to the little one.

Ah! and now I'm wondering "who cares about your freaking coffee Nathalie?!" Might as well mention that my computer mouse doesn't work well either. Now you know all about my domestic problems!

Anyway, all that to say that I haven't notice how hot it became here until I sat down in front of the computer to work. We're having our very first and very early heat wave of the summer. Very unusual for May up here. I wish I could just lay down like my cat and wait for some cooler weather...

Breath taking work by Lawrence Carroll - via Dear Ada


sophie munns said...

this is such a funny an adorable post Nathalie!
Like you are talking out loud...we all say these things to ourselves...and to anotheer if we have them around...everyone can relate!

the coffee machine story - "oh the small one works just as well..." all this is so familiar as one potters around in that certain head space!

its all good...hooked me in to your little domestic moment beautifully Nat!

Even a heat wave....recently you wondered if it would ever be warm this!!

take care... your cat looks very happy!

gretchenmist said...

I care about your coffee!! Definitely!

and that your mouse is not working ~ i share this frustration, but haven't bothered to fork out for a new one!

love your cat photos :)

P.K said...

I love the first photo! Anything to do with coffee is very important! It is hot here as well.

Kerry Hawkins said...

Great photos! KItty looks so happy. It makes me smile
It is hot here in Boston, too. although, I heard cooler later today

gracia said...

My favourite kind of week-end are ones just like that. Quiet and full of little things like planting and lolling and working and reading and pets.

Having not watched Lost for the longest of times... was it really all a dog dreaming? Surely you are pulling my leg? Do I sound as though I live in a bubble? Perhaps.


Alexandra Hedberg said...

Tu l'as fait exprès; le chat noir se reposant dans cette poste comme contraste avec la figurine dormante blanche dans la poste avant?