December 23, 2011


fleurs mortes

fleurs mortes

fleurs mortes

Do you hear the angels sing? The harp and trumpets? I do. I'm on vacation!!! The last week at work was a lot smoother than the last months. We had a great Christmas party with colleagues and clients. I must say my bosses went overboard with the caterer. It was fantastic! Since I didn't not have much to do until next year, I decided to start my vacations earlier.

So now I'm off to buy food for tomorrow and Sunday. I'm happy for it is snowing right now. We may have a white Christmas after all!

I know the photos up here don't reflect the time of year but I haven't been shooting pictures much lately. These were taken after the first frost which makes interesting looking flowers.

So what are your plans for the holidays? Lots of celebration or quiet times? Traveling?


Robert Marleau said...

C'est tristouillet ces fleurs...!mais je suis certain que dans ton coeur et ta tête, le jardin est en fleurs, passes de très belles Fêtes

Line Houde said...

de joyeuses fêtes sous la neige!

sarapirat said...

merry christmas
beautiful, your series of home.
sweden is home, even though not quite.
but childhood and memories.
that is how my christmas will be.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

have a lovely white relaxing christmas. and thanku for your sweet message xx

P.K said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your vacation.

sofaMenthol said...

Bonnes Fêtes de fin d'année Nathalie et aux tiens... Je travaille en ce moment mais j'aurai le temps de donner les cadeaux à Suzanne demain matin avec Cumpagnon ... De la voir radieuse m'enchante! Merci pour ton message!